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If you have dreams of becoming a nurse one of the first steps will be finding the perfect nursing school. Most of them are great but they are different and there will be some things to consider such as location and of course which is the most affordable nursing and dental school utah. Most people don't like to be broke when they're hunting for their first job, so saving money in the process is always helpful.


There are a lot of different aspects of nursing school that are going to make you a great nurse. There is the compassion element that a lot of people are familiar with since there's an element of taking care of people when you are nursing. But since it is a medical job there is a lot of biology and even psychology to learn in the process as well. When you go to nursing school you don't just pass one class and move on, you learn to blend all of it together in a critical thinking format so that your awareness of how people work (inside and out) will keep growing and deepening. 


There is a lot of studying to get through in nursing school because you are being prepared to take the test that will allow you to apply for your RX license should you pass. On those tests a lot of the questions will have to do with the medical field of nursing directly however, it's also possible that there will be questions from general undergrad stuff as well which it totally possible.


There is a ton of reading to be done in nursing school, which means that getting organized and having a schedule in place is going to be crucial. Getting into the right groove can take some discipline but it is mandatory. Don't overload yourself and think that you need to read 100 pages in a single setting, get in the habit of setting obtainable goals and then take work breaks between them so that you don't burn out. It's possible to get it all done, but you have to make sure that you are choosing ways to accomplish it that work for you and also pass the nevada state board of nursing


It's always a good idea to start your networking while you are still in nursing school since it can be challenging to find great employment quickly. Sometimes you have to take a job with hours that you don't love at first and then work your way up, but be patient with the process and you'll find your groove.


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